Intro - Mystics

Intro - Mystics
Intro - Mystics
From the album The Conquest EP

Song Lyrics

On the beautiful day

Probably a Sunday

He landed on planet earth

His arrival was no longer a myth

For their eyes saw what the tears heard

To the carpenter he was born

Nothing extraordinary was expected

His future, they already predicted

Nothing new, he is a mini carpenter

He grew in Wisdom

Full of the Spirit

Signs and wonders were his lifestyle

Not for fame but fulfillment of the prophecies

They loved being around Him

He fed, healed, delivered them

Day and night, he taught them

Nothing but the Father’s Kingdom

His purpose of life to them was known

The Romans

Full of greed and thirst for power

Wanted nothing but His life

For they believed, He was a hindrance to their kingdom

Then, they looked for a loophole

Found in none but Iscariot.

The Saviour, now called a Law breaker

Before their judges he answered

For he was the accused

Though no fault was found in Him

Pilate let them decide

Between Christ and Barabbas

According to the Father’s will

He was the sacrificial lamb

Slain for mankind.

That lucky criminal

Got instant salvation

For He met the Saviour on the cross

He gave His soul and breathed His last

Our assurance for salvation was granted


Taken to the tomb

To preach to those who died

They also were saved

He is more than Mighty to save

The Saviour of all mankind

Young, old, slim and fat

Ugly, beautiful, cruel and kind

As per His Word

He resurrected

To the beloved people he appeared

Yes, death was too weak to hold him

That is why we sing the Hymn:

There is nothing, nothing you cannot do…

He has the power to revive your dead situations

Giving you a turn around

In Him, fullness of joy is found

Indeed, he is above all.