Artist: Ude Di Puppy
Album: Ude Di Puppy Singles
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Ulemu Dilawo aka ude di duppy (born septembar 6 2000 ) is  a malawian dancehall artist well-known for his demonic style lyrics in vernacular english.A native of nkhoma, centaur malawi.Ude di duppy started doing his dancehall music in 2017 but if we are talking about music its self he started doing music 2013 during back then he was into hip-hop then he changed into dancehall that was in 2017  he was born in lilongwe (biwi) and he also grew up in biwi.His passion for  doing dancehall music came when he was in form 3 at bambino high school he had a closer friend and that friend he was just into dancehall then he started falling for dancehall


Ude Di Puppy Singles by Ude Di Puppy